New Pulp Publishing is dedicated to delivering blistering novella length fiction in the crime, suspense, horror, science fiction, fantasy, and western venues.

Not enough hours in your day to get through 400+ pages of the latest bestseller, wish the pacing of the book you’re currently reading would pick up?  New Pulp aims to deliver excitement meant to be devoured in an evening or during lunch periods.

This month we’re launching two series.

First up is Jake Cassidy, a tough guy recovery agent working the mean beaches of Miami.  Jake’s never turned down a case or a beach bunny.  Lean prose, spicy nights, and violence all combine to create a new fusion of the Gold Medal crime fiction of the 1960s and 1970s, only set solidly in the 21st century.  Join Jake as he crosses paths with bikers, pirates, organized crime, murderers, and blackmailers, and the most dangerous adversary of all — the redhead.

Coming next month:  Jake’s second adventure as he seeks a missing computer game guru with ties to organized crime and an espionage agency that won’t take no for an answer.

The Jamie Rae Exotic Dancer Mysteries launch at the end of June.  Jamie is a full time feature dancer at Nocturne Shadows in San Antonio, but she’s a part-time sleuth for Fred Mooney, an old school knucklebuster.  The heart of this series is the father/daughter relationship that develops between the two (not all sweetness and light!), and the weird cases each brings to the other.  This series offers wise-cracking humor, action, and twisting plots.

Join us at New Pulp with our latest stars and let us know if you see anything you like!  We hope you’re here to stay.

JAKE CASSIDY:  LOSER FRIENDLY can be purchased for several ebook venues  here.

And you can get print editions here.

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