Jake Cassidy

People lose things.  People lose people.

In Miami, Florida, I return what is lost.  When getting the police involved will only make a situation worse, I’m the guy you call.  When odds are stacked against you and you can’t trust your friends, I’m your guy.

I’m not a private eye.  I’m a recovery agent.  I don’t handle divorce cases, but everything else goes.  Your latest boyfriend/girlfriend turned out to be a con artist and bilked you out of your possessions?  I’ll get them back.  Somebody stole your company’s latest designs?  I’ll find out who.

For a price.

I don’t give up, and I don’t quit.  And I don’t always pay attention to laws.  Things get interesting on a regular basis.

If you like your action swift, violent, and spicy hot, I’m your guy.

I’m Jake Cassidy.  Call me.

Print editions can be found here.

Ebook is now live at Smashwords.com for $1.99.  Recover it!


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