Jaelik Tarlsson Voyages

We’d like to welcome our first fantasy series here at New Pulp!

Author Mel Odom (writing under the pseudonym, R. J. Salter) has two fun characters in this book, Jaelik Tarlsson, a rough and tumble hero that hearkens back to the Robert E. Howard mythos, and Ryla, the daughter of an elven mage who is now a ghost haunting the bold privateer captain.

In this first tale, Jaelik is new to his haunting. In fact, for weeks after the ghost woman picked up his scent and made his life miserable, he didn’t even know who she was. He finds out while locked up in the underground dungeon of Roosta, “home to the vilest fighting men to ever stand a ship berth or guard post.” But that’s all according to Jaelik’s plans. Other men, like his first mate Alff, might question Jaelik’s logic, if not his sanity, but the captain is a very determined man. He has to be in order to find a long forgotten weapon and wake it to battle Turkoth Blackheart and the League of Alpatian Sea Nations.

This is a rollicking tale of adventure and humor and we’re happy to have it here at New Pulp!

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